Ergonized provides a range of bespoke development and design services to help your business excel.

Web & Mobile Development

With 10+ years of development expirience in 8+ coding languages, our team of developers is perfectly equipped to create the tech solution you need.

CRM & ERP Development

Your customers matter. That’s why Ergonized’s expert team of CRM developers create beautiful, intuitive CRMs to help improve their experience and grow your business.


Sleek, modern, and effortless to use, our design helps you stand out from the rest – and thrills your customers in the process.

You’ll benefit from

  • Professional Branding

    Well-designed websites and apps are an extension of your brand identity. Our expert designers create beautiful interfaces that stick in the minds of your users.

  • Happier Users

    Make your users’ lives easier with the help of our UX (User Experience) experts, who ensure every button, element and design choice matches your business goals.

  • Increased Growth

    High-quality design with front-end frameworks ensure your website or application will be designed to last for years – and help you grow your business in the process.

Technologies We Use

We carefully analyse your needs and pick the right technologies for your business.
We have a wide range of development expertise to ensure your project will always be a success.

Salesforce Zoho CRM Oro CRM Vue.js Laravel Symfony Yii  angular


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