Frequently Asked Questions

Are your developers in house?

Yes, we don’t outsource any of our development. Our developers have been with us for a long time, which ensures maximum efficiency during the development process.

Do you deliver on time?

Yes, we actually give you a guarantee that if we happen to not meet the agreed upon deadline, you will get a 10% discount on the entire project’s price (provided no additional functionality has been added to the requirements)

Can you assist us with hosting?

Yes, we have system administrators who have worked with most major cloud hosting providers, such as AWS, GoDaddy, HostGator, and DigitalOcean, and can suggest the right one for you based on your project’s server load requirements.

Are you interested in continuing this project after final delivery?

Yes, we are certainly interested in building a long term relationship as we think that a one time payday is nothing compared to the business we can do together in the future.

Do you offer post-launch support?

Yes, we will work with you on an hourly basis moving forward to implement any changes or resolve any issues that may come up.

Can I communicate directly with a developer?

Yes, we give you access to our project management tools where you will be able to see the progress for yourself in real time as well as provide your own input and clarification to the developers.

Can you help me refine my idea?

Yes, we start every project with the “Discovery Phase” to finalize all the details and make sure that we are on the same page with you in terms of the requirements and what we are building. This allows us to keep changes during the development process to a minimum, which ensures that we stick to the agreed upon timeline and budget.

Do you have your own designers?

Yes, we have highly skilled UI/UX designers, able to assist you with prototyping/wireframing and design.

    Another Question?

    Write us and our support will contact with you.