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Ergonized’s dedicated development team has been using ORO CRM for over 8 years. Use our extensive experience and expertise to make your project a resounding success.

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  • OroCRM Development
  • OroCRM Customization
  • OroCRM Support & Maintanance
  • OroCRM E-commerce Integration
  • OroCRM Magento Integration
  • OroCRM Data Migration
  • OroCRM Bundle development

What you get Working with Us?

  • Experienced OROCRM Developers
  • Flexible Engagement
  • On-Time & On-budget Delivery
  • 100% Moneyback Guarantee
  • Professional Management
  • Long Term Relationships
  • Confidentiality Assurance
  • Quality Assurance

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Over 500 clients from startups to large enterprises

Ergonized are design and development experts with 10+ years’ experience in the industry

ORO CRM Development Services

Turn your vision into reality and create a web application that’s scalable, durable and fast with ORO CRM. Used by some of the world’s leading brands, ORO CRM is sure to help you meet your goals.

  • competitive pricing

    Quality Assurance

    To ensure that your Laravel Web Application is bug-free and performs optimally, our experts always run extensive tests before launching a project online.

  • tech support

    On-Time Delivery

    Our motto is: deadlines are set – they have to be met. On-time delivery is one of the biggest and most-appreciated advantages of working with us.

  • proven methodologies

    Constant Support

    Receive support both throughout the project lifecycle – and for a year afterwards. We want to make sure things run as smoothly as possible.

  • cmmi

    Customize it completely

    ORO CRM is designed to be completely flexible and customizable for different businesses, ensuring you take advantage of the features that you need to grow.


Why do I need ORO CRM development services?

A highly-flexible, powerful CRM is what ORO CRM promises. If you care about your customers, and increasing your organizational efficiency, it’s a great choice.

Do you offer post-launch support?

Yes, we will work with you on an hourly basis moving forward to implement any changes or resolve any issues that may come up.

Are you interested in continuing this project after final delivery?

Yes, we are certainly interested in building a long term relationship as we think that a one time payday is nothing compared to the business we can do together in the future.

Who will I be dealing with if I decide to work with you?

You’ll be in constant direct communication with one of our project managers – from initial consultation, to release, and evenpost-launch support

Are your developers in house?

Yes, we don’t outsource any of our development. Our developers have been with us for a long time, which ensures maximum efficiency during the development process.

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    “ Great, stable and reliable provider. They know that they do. I highly recommended Ergonized.”

    Larry Organ / Exact Data

    Our Work

    • Data Widget

      System for buying highly-targeted mailing lists based on a host of filters

    • Ergonized CRM

      Own unique designed CRM platform to support full-range of business processes

    • List Finder

      Web app that allows users to find the right lists for their business needs

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